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Thursday 21st March 2013


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National News
Russian Meteor Shower By Rachael
On the early hours of the morning of Friday the 15th of February 11:42 Grenwich Mean Time or GMT.
A large meteor broke through the sound barrier and entered the Earths atmosphere at about thirty three thousand miles per hour.
Many civilians saw a vast bolt of bright white light shoot across the sky creating a 300 kiloton blast. The meteor's passing was seen in Yekaterinburg in Kazakhstan, to the south. Scientists say the meteor broke off into meteorites in the troposphere also known as the lower atmosphere.
The 40 ton meteor injured about 1,100 people, 48 of which were hospitalized due to the meteor breaking the sound barrier sending a sonic boom which shattered windows and shook buildings sending shards of glass and lumps of rubble everywhere, harming civilians, mostly from broken glass.
Scientists believe the meteors had been moving faster than normal because of its proximity to the Earth, but the Russian Emergency Minister had said these meteors were not expected to hit Earth for another 2000 years.
Astronomers had been tracking the meteor, which came as close as 17,200 miles of Earth, closer than some artificial satellites.
The meteor that passed over Russia in early February more than probably hit Earth after coming from beyond mars. One meteor was found to of smashed into the iced over Lake of Chebarkul.
Some say this meteor shower was a message from God, a warning perhaps, also "the Lord’s message to humanity," a senior local clergyman said. “From the Scriptures, we know that the Lord often sends people signs and warnings via natural forces.”


Balloon crash in Egypt 
By Shannon
A tragic accident happened on the 26th of February 2013. 19 people died, 3 British were among the dead and 2 people were treated with injuries.
The hot air balloon went up at 06.00 and was scheduled to land at 07.00 when it exploded due to a gas leak. Also a landing cable got caught around a gas canister which caused a fire to break out. In Luxor Egypt.  21 people were on board only 2 people survived by jumping from the basket as it caught alight.
One of the Britons who were among the dead was Yvonne Rennie. Her funeral took place on Thursday 14th of March in Perth Scotland.
The bodies of 9 Hong Kong   citizens were returned to Hong Kong on Tuesday 12th of March.   The bodies had been identified as five women and four men their bodies were transferred to a public mortuary said a government spokeswoman.


Should make up be worn in school or not?
By Lauren
It’s a hot topic across the country, should students be allowed to wear make- up when going to school? Some say ‘why are girls being stopped, when it can lead to gaining confidence and being happy at school’. On the other hand some people think young girls should be able to come into school with natural faces, not looking like they’re ready for a night out.
Having interviewed several members of staff and students, opinions are divided. Most agreed that make up should not be worn at school at all. One member of staff said make-up should not be worn at school at all.
Head teacher, Andrew, said, “School is a place to work, not worrying about your personal appearance”
He went on to say “make up affects the learning because some students will be worrying about what they look like, spending ages in the toilets fixing themselves up. Some students parents don’t let their children wear make- up to school so it can cause jealousy and arguments”.

Paula’s quote was, “if I knew now what I know now, I would have never worn make up’
Because when she looks back at pictures of herself as a teenager, it looks like she has a mask on.

Lisa said, “I think girls should be allowed to wear a bit of foundation if it’s not too obvious”
And Jo said, “I think it should be natural looking, because I don’t think you should come to school looking like you’re ready for a night out”

Most Staff have the same opinion on make- up.
Andrea said, “Most girls are pretty enough without make up, its natural pretty. Make up sometimes then starts to look false and look very unattractive”

Danny said, “it doesn’t bother him what the girls wear for school, it’s up to them”
Other students in R3 felt it was appropriate for older girls to wear it, for example sixth formers.

In conclusion, it appears that perhaps the staff believe that make up should not be worn, whilst pupils do not agree, especially the girls.


The Balloon blast
By Rachael
Yvonne Rennie  and her husband was stuck in a hot air balloon crash in Egypt on Tuesday 26th February.
A hot air balloon flying over Egypt's ancient city of Luxor caught fire and crashed into a sugar cane field on Tuesday, killing at least 19 foreign tourists in one of the world's deadliest ballooning accidents and handing a new blow to Egypt's ailing tourism industry.
The people in the balloon threw out some ropes and one hit the gas canister and set on fire
The hot air balloon is said to have been 1,000 ft (300m) in the air when it exploded and caught fire.


Sports News

Six Nations Rugby
By Danny
On Sunday 24th February 2013, Ireland played Scotland in the 6 Nations rugby at Murray Field Scotland at 3pm in perfect playing conditions.
The end score was 12-8 to Scotland, Scotland had won back to back Six Nations matches for the first time in 12 years. Craig Gilroy of Scotland scored 4 penalties to beat Ireland in a very unlikely victory. 
Scotland head coach Scott Johson said Scotland did not deserve their 12-8 victory over Ireland but they played with great spirit.
Craig Gilroy scored the 1st try for Ireland and then converted giving them 7 points. But paddy Jacksion missed 2 penalties and a conversion.
Ireland head coach Declan kidney said, “the missed opportunities caused us to lose the game.”


Raging Rory
By Zak
Last week Rory Mcilroy walked of the golf course due to a severe tooth ache. Is this true or false? He hasn’t had a brilliant start to this season. He changed his clubs at the start of the year- could this make a difference?
A lot of children and their parents are very disappointed because they went all the way to Florida just for him to walk off the course.
He told reporters that he was in a mentally poor state and apologised to all of his fans. Then on Wednesday he admitted to news reporters that tooth ache was none of the reason why he walked off. He said there was no reason to walk off at all! He said “no matter how bad I was playing  I should of stayed on the course but I just made one bad decision and I really regret it.


Clash of the Titans!
By Chance
Manchester united took on Real Madrid on Tuesday 5th of March 2013 at old Trafford in Manchester. It was built up as an interesting game because they are both brilliant sides at the top of their form.

Last time they played was in Spain at the Santiago Bernabeu and it ended all square at 1-1. Cristiano Ronaldo scored the first goal of the game in the 7th minute. Then Danny Welbeck scored late after.
Cristiano Ronaldo returned home last Tuesday night, leading Real Madrid to a 1-2 win at Old Trafford, against his former and beloved club, Manchester United. The game's turning point took place near the 57th minute, as Nani was shown a straight red card that allowed for Real Madrid to begging there attack.

A Sergio Ramos own goal gave the lead to the home side, but Luka Modric and Cristiano Ronaldo responded and sent Real Madrid into the UEFA Champions League quarter finals stage. The draw will be on Friday 15th of March 2013 at 12.00pm. One rumour circulating is the possibility that Wayne Rooney could move to PSG in the summer which could see Cristiano Ronlado coming back to Manchester United for £65million.  


Local News
Six Staff Suspended
By Saskia
Six members of staff were suspended at Revoe Primary school, Grasmere road Blackpool on the 25th of February over the care of students until further investigation were carried out.

An investigation was made with police after it was alleged a young student was placed in the ‘naughty cupboard’ for 45 minutes for bad behaviour towards staff and pupils, head teacher Catherine Woodall said he was a danger to others and his behaviour was very abusive, their hands were tied and they had nothing else to do.
It was alleged the young student somehow managed to get a knife from the kitchen, when he was approached by staff in the corridor, it took five members of staff, they were also fully trained in re straining so it could be argued they were suspended for doing their job.

He was then locked in the cupboard, but they were still keeping an eye on him making sure he wasn’t harming or putting himself in danger.
Neil Hodgkin’s head teacher at Devonshire Primary School and Sandra Hall head teacher at St John’s Primary School, have now been drafted in to run the school for the time being whilst staff are on suspension, so no children’s learning is at risk or has being affected by this incident and no children is at harm!
The nine year old boy was not a student at Revoe primary school, he was part of the behaviour area at Revoe primary school on a transfer from another Blackpool primary, whilst this was being carried out it was rumoured a year 7 year old boy was locked in a room also for behaviour.
The police have dropped their investigation and the local council are now completing their own investigation.


Comic Relief
By Jack
Comic relief is a national charity to raise money for disadvantaged people, both in the UK and abroad. It started in 1985 on Christmas day and broadcasted from the refugee camp in Sudan.
On Wednesday 27 February 2013 14:38 Peter Kay was in Fleetwood on a top secret mission to film for the charity with Sir Steve Redgrave, boxer Nicola Adams and sprinter Kriss Akabusi.
This exclusive photo was taken by a spectator as he watched the action unfold in the freezing Fleetwood Marina after a day of filming for the funny man and his pals in the Queens Hotel, Beach Road.
Peter Kay is a huge supporter of Comic Relief and has previously captured the hearts of the nation with spoofs of Tony Christie’s is this is the Way to Amarillo?.
Ben Emsley, 60, landlord of the Queens Hotel, said: “It’s brilliant to have him here.
Other events happening in Blackpool are, BBC Radio Lancashire’s Ted Robbins and Steve Royle are topping the bill  as the public are asked to  ‘ Stand Up if You Dare’ for Comic Relief.


Americans win battle of PS4
By Darren
The play station 4 was designed by Sony and will be out very shortly, in around 7months 16days.The: Managing director, Fergal Gara, has been speaking about the upcoming PS4 launch. He was reluctant  commit  over the issue, we have a feeling that the PS4 isn’t going to be out in the UK until the early stages of 2014.
At this stage, they are trying to compete against over companies such as Microsoft with the Xbox 720 which hasn’t been released yet and the Nintendo with the Wii U. Sony have a good chance of getting more buyers and to a disadvantage the Xbox creators now have time to make changes to compete further. The play station 4 will be released in Japan and New York first, before Europe and the rest of the world.
What will you buy? Playstation 4 or the new Xbox?


Entertainment News
Beliebers Left Waiting
By Saskia
Teen sensation Justin Bieber arrived on stage 2 hours late at the O2 Arena sell out concert last night. He came on stage at 10.30pm by that time most of his fans left missing his performance. Many parents used social media sites such as Twitter to criticise Bieber, for leaving young fans waiting on a school night.

Many people had to leave early to catch trains and miss the performance, others were left stranded.

Bieber got many complains on Twitter, "It got to about 9.30 and they were starting to boo - you'd think someone would have come on then" Another tweet complained: "Justin Bieber needs to understand he has fans that are really young. He can't come on stage like 1 hour and 45 mins late on a school night!"

It was the first of four shows he was performing in London. Hopefully he will not be late to his next concert.