Military Preparation Programme

The Training 2000 Military Preparation Programme draws on its history and a tradition of delivering excellence to help young men and women kick start their military careers. With a close relationships with Armed Forces recruiters we can ensure your career stays on the right path and with training from current serving soldiers from a variety of Forces you will have the opportunity to progress through an exhilarating career in the military.

With the major overhaul of Army recruiting, increasing competition for jobs in the Armed Forces and the closure of Armed Forces Careers Offices, Training 2000 offers a unique way of ‘getting ahead’ of the competition and staying in touch with Armed Forces Careers advisers. Learn from ex-servicemen and women all the skills and knowledge you’ll need to not only pass selection but to advance through your career in the Armed Forces. 98% of candidates that attend selection during or after attending the Military Preparation Programme (MPP) pass with top marks and guarantee themselves jobs in the Armed Forces.

The Mckee works in conjunction with Training 2000 to help support young learners achieve their dreams and aspirations of embarking on a journey into military life. If you would to know more information about the Military Preparation Programme, please click here.