Curriculum Intent

In History, we want students to become independent thinkers and to develop their interest in the past, and to question the ideas and explanations of the past as they begin to form their own views of their experiences in the present.

All people and peoples are living histories. Communities speak languages that have been passed down from people before us. We live in societies with a tradition, culture, religion that have been passed down through generations of our ancestors. We use technologies and smart phones and watches that we ourselves have not created. They have been developed over time. This is what has always fascinated me about History – everything has a story, and it is our responsibility as historians to tell those stories of the past

Students at McKee are being developed into lifelong learners through a meaningful, varied and exciting curriculum. We allow students to access real history from real people to allow them to understand that history is all around us and that we all contribute to the world around us.

Curriculum Map

Term Key Stage 3 – Year 1 Key Stage 3 – Year 2 Key stage 4 – Year 10 Key Stage 4 – Year 11
HT 1 Importance of water through time

Norman Conquest


Sugar, Empire and Slavery

Britain 1750-1901

East India Company

Conflict and Tension 1918-1939 Peace-making Elizabethan England -1568-1603 – Elizabeth and her early life
HT 2 Middle Ages – what mattered to them?

1348 Black Death

Who had power in the Middle Ages?

Renaissance and Reformation

Impact of Industrial Revolution

How did Britain colonise Australia?


Conflict and Tension 1918-1939 How did League of Nations keep the peace? Elizabethan England 1568-1603 – Life in Elizabethan England
HT 3 Reformation and Changes 1450-1750

100 years war

War of the Roses

Victorians – attitude to family

What mattered to British rulers in India


Conflict and Tension 1918-1939 Origins of WW2 Elizabethan England 1568-1603 – Troubles at home and abroad
HT 4 Why was exploration important – Christopher Columbus

Da Vinci

Inter-war years

Women’s suffrage movement

Germany 1890-1945 – What was Germany like pre-1914? Health and the People c1000-present day – Medieval Medicine
HT 5 Tudors

Who was the Greatest Tudor Monarch?

Was it really a golden age for Elizabeth?


20th Century – Traumatic Century


The Blitz

How should Churchill be remembered?


Germany 1890-1945 – Weimar Germany Health and the people c1000-present day – Renaissance and changes in medicine
HT 6 The Stuarts

English Civil War

Life under Cromwell

Our World Today

Equal Rights

Cold War

McDonald’s story

Impact of Internet


Germany 1890-1945 – Life under the Nazi’s Health and the People c1000-present day – Modern Medicine

Curriculum Justification

The choice of AQA for History is because it offers students a variety of exciting and challenging topics that have underpinned societies for more than 1,000 years. The topics at GCSE are topics that I as the teacher am familiar with and I completed my GCSE History exam under AQA. The mainstream schools locally that I collaborate with also teach the AQA specification which is beneficial for CPD.

The skills that underpin GCSE History are applicable to wide range of jobs. The skills of processing, analysing and explaining information in own words in something that you must do in jobs such as solicitors/lawyer.

Being able to communicate the past into your own words, describe how events happened and explaining the significance of the impact is something that can be seen in professions such as journalism.

Students that study GCSE History at McKee can go onto studying both Modern History and Ancient History at A level. Part of the course allows them to study through Thematic studies right the way back to how the Ancient Greeks and Romans lived and the impact that they have had on civilisation even to this day. Students are encouraged to engage with the history that is all around them.

Curriculum Development

KS3 – We are exploring the possibility for students to have a visit to the cinema to watch the film 1917 – due for release in Jan 2020. This film tells the experiences of those who fought during the First World War and fits in with the curriculum.

To implement more historical literacy into the curriculum at both KS3 and KS4. To plan and implement further local history into the curriculum at KS3 and for students to visit various parts of the community and explore the histories of the past.

Get further information on this course from www.aqa.org.uk/subjects/history/gcse