The provision of ICT (Information and Communication Technology) education at Mckee College House aims to enable students to become digitally literate. Students are equipped with the ability to communicate and develop their ideas through the use of ICT as active participants in an increasingly digital world.

Key Stage 3

At Mckee College House ICT at Key Stage 3 (Years 7-9) is taught as a standalone subject. The key aims for ICT/Computing at Key Stage 3 are to ensure that all students:

Recent updates to the ICT/Computing strand of the National Curriculum (effective from September 2014) have added a greater emphasis on programming and computer science. Consequently, the ICT/Computing programme of study at Key Stage 3 includes practical tasks on writing computer programs and problem solving activities.

Key Stage 4

ICT inherently has important cross-curricular links. Recent changes to the National Curriculum enable ICT to be taught in a more broad-based manner including the cross-curricular teaching of ICT involving project work.

Mckee College House offers:

The first follows an ICT/Business course leading to the GCSE Business and Communication Systems qualification. Within this course students develop ICT skills at a level suitable for the future workplace and learn about the applications of ICT within organisations and business environments;

The key aims of the GCSE Business and Communication Systems programme of study are to provide students with:

The capacity for making reasoned judgements about the selection, presentation and interpretation of data in order to effectively communicate relevant information for a given purpose.