McKee students in Parliament

McKee students in Parliament

Why we were there

Two students from McKee College have represented the views of AP students from across the country at an Education Select Committee Hearing on Alternate Provision.

Sophie and Alicia and three other students from Newcastle and London met with 12 MPs at the Houses of Parliament to answer questions on their views and opinions of their experiences in mainstream education compared with AP.

The type of questions asked where:

  • What was your experience in mainstream education like and how does it compare to where you are now?
  • What is the difference in the quality of teaching and relationships with staff?
  • Does AP prepare you for the future? qualifications, going to college etc
  • Do you think you would have gone to AP sooner if you had the choice?

Both students spoke well and clearly and the MP’s were impressed by their confidence and articulate answers. I was very proud of them and how well they represented themselves, our school and young people from Lancashire.

How the day went

When we arrived at the front gates we had to be searched just like at an airport, there was a lot of security and heavily armed police. Once past security however it was a very open and relaxed environment.  The Houses of Parliament are steeped in history and both students were in awe of the splendor of the palace and the paintings and statues within it.

Sadly we cant take pictures inside the House but you will just have to believe us when we tell you how much gold there is!

After the tour we spent some time wandering around London and taking in the sights before catching the train back home.

A long and tiring day but an amazing experience for Sophie and Alicia.

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