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Welcome to the MPP blog. Here you find updates on the course and activities that our students/ cadets participate in.

2020/2021 – A year in review

W/B 08/02/2021

MPP students were all very pleased about returning to school and being able to continue with the hands-on side of the course, the first week back we recapped most of the basic training we had covered, and a quiz was completed by, and to be honest, the results were great.  We ran a couple of sessions on confidence and what it means, followed by a session on respect which was well received. We then covered fire and movement, covers tactical movement when under fire and returning fire. Lots of PowerPoint involved and hands-on training to follow. to finish the week, we had a very intense PT session and feedback from all the students was very positive.

Second week back saw difficulties in Wi-Fi, so this gave us the opportunity to catch on areas we were unable to do during the lockdown.  A kit inspection was announced and the students were given a briefing which they had to follow. All students did very well considering this was the first one they had done (many more to follow). Weapon safety followed with hands-on safety procedures demonstrated and NSP (Normal Safety Procedures) carried out by all students.

Thursday saw the students taking part in Battle PT, this test the strength and stamina of the group, again 100% effort by all and you will see from the attached photos all enjoyed.

Brian Stevenson

Lead Instructor

Military Preparation Program