Destinations in 2019

Number of Students % of Cohort
College 37 Students 70%
Apprenticeships 10 Students 19%
Employment 2 Students 4%
NEET 4 Students 7%
of which PPG Students 2 Students 3.5%

We work with all of our students to support them in following their aspirations and reaching their potential. Our students go on to study further within education, employment or training.

Destinations include sixth form, apprenticeships, colleges, the armed forces, university and employment. We are always delighted to hear from our students once they have left us. Here are the updates form a selection of our students who have recently let us know how they are getting on in life beyond school:


Studying at Mckee was the best part of my education, I managed to not only pass my GCSEs but get mostly Bs and above setting me up to do whatever I wanted to at college. But McKee also proved that education does not have to be boring and I will always be grateful for all of the staff who helped me through this part of my life. After McKee, I decided to go on to Blackpool sixth form college where triple B-tech art and design, I then. went on to get the highest grade possible and have now been offered an unconditional place at Cardiff Metropolitan University, which is where I will be going in September.


Before I was a student at Mckee from September 2016 until summer in 2017 I had been in hospital for almost three years and, for the majority of those three years, I had been out of formal education.

Coming to Mckee was one of the greatest privileges and something I am incredibly grateful for every day. Not only did it allow me to make lifelong friends, I also managed to stay in education and get better results in my GCSEs than I could ever have hoped for considering how unwell I had been beforehand, and I know that would never have been possible if not for the uniquely wonderful environment that Mckee provides pupils with. The unfailingly kind, supportive and just generally lovely staff provided me with support each and every day, and I honestly could not fault any of them. It is rare to find people who genuinely care about you for no other reason or motive besides the fact that they are wonderful people, and yet somehow Mckee was full of them.

After Mckee I did a term at Blackpool Sixth Form studying English Literature, Psychology and Religion, Ethics and Philosophy, and while I was achieving good results it wasn’t the right environment for me and so instead, later that year (2018) I started studying Psychology with the Open University and I’ve been with them ever since, studying from home to get my degree. After I’ve finished with the Open University then I hope to go on to get my doctorate in Psychology with the aim of becoming a clinical psychologist for children and young people. I also run a blog and an Instagram page that both focus on raising awareness of mental health conditions amongst other important issues (such as feminism, body acceptance and issues faced by the LGBTQ+ community), which have led to some great opportunities already: I’m an ambassador for an organisation focused on body confidence, and I’ve also appeared on Sky News to raise awareness about self-harm. I’ve also written a book that I one day hope to get published,and am planning several more.

Cheesy as it seems, the future often seems bright now, and I will always be indebted to Mckee and its staff for helping to part many a dark cloud.


We do lots of events and at college we’re based in a working restaurant so we learn to work to real deadlines. What I really love is experimenting with new flavours. My tutors arranged for me to do work experience at Twelve restaurant and now I’m working there part-time. Eventually I’d like to work for a Michelin-starred restaurant.


I have just finished my first year at college in art and design, I’m moving up to level 3 in September. I am a student representative for college and I am now also learning to drive with my own car. I really miss the Mckee it helped me a lot, even though I didn’t realise it at the time. It really helped me get to college and that has helped me to come out of my shell.


I am studying art and design at college and Mckee really helped me to get here. I really struggled with my anxiety and depression and the Mckee really helped me because I was able to meet people with the same thing and they understood, also the staff really understood as well so it made my anxiety and depression a lot better. I also made friends for life that I never want to lose.

Alice – A Note From The Head Teacher

It was with great pleasure and a degree of pride that I announced to staff and students that a former student had been accepted into Trinity College, Cambridge to read Mathematics.

Alice was a student at the McKee from September 2015 to June 2017. We always knew that Alice had a future in Mathematics, the Grade 9 she achieved in her GCSE Maths exam and the “A” pass in Further Maths kind of hinted that she might just be good at doing sums!

Alice elected to attend Runshaw College to study “A” level Maths and “A” level Further Maths and it is her success in those subjects which has led to this incredible offer to study at the worlds leading university for Mathematics.

We wish Alice every success in her journey and hope that her success inspires others to reach for their dreams.