Please click on the links below to access our policies:

Policy/ Document Review Date Link
Accessibility Plan 09/2020
Anti-Bullying Policy 09/2020
Attendance and Punctuality 09/2019
Behaviour Management Policy 09/2020
British Values & PREVENT 09/2019
Charging and Remissions Policy 09/2019
Child Protection & Safeguarding Policy 09/2020
Complaints Procedure 09/2020
Data Protection Policy 05/2020
Equalities Policy 11/2020
Health and Safety Policy 08/2020
Mobile Devices Policy 03/2019
Mobile Phone Policy 03/2019
SEN Policy 05/2020


Exam Information

All policies have been ratified by the management committee.
For more information on how to respond to cyber-bullying and how pupils can keep themselves safe, please refer to our E-Safety page orĀ Childnet International website.