Our Provision, Values and Ethos


McKee College is Lancashire Local Authority’s commissioned provider of education for students for which it has the “statutory” responsibility to educate;

– Students who have been permanently excluded from a mainstream school.
– Students who cannot attend their mainstream school for medical reasons.
– Students who are new to area and difficult to place in a mainstream school.

Our secondary remit is to provide alternate educational provision for mainstream schools;

– Respite places for students whose needs are best met outwith their mainstream school for a period of time
– Assessment places for students being considered for Education Health and Care Plans.
– Intervention places to support schools in evidencing their “graduated response” in meeting the needs of vulnerable learners.

Values and Ethos

At the heart of our values are relationships and it is relationships which underpin the ethos of the school.

Students and parents have a unique experience of interacting with school when they come to the McKee, often commented on by students and parents.  Students and parents feel listened to and valued for their input in understanding their childs needs.

The McKee is open and welcoming to all, it has a unique atmosphere which allows young people to express themselves without fear or prejudice.  We embrace difference and celebrate it, helping to build tolerance and understanding within our students towards others.

We believe in the language of choice in our interactions with young people and therefore we actively encourage students to consider the choices they make to empower them to become reflective and subjective in their decisions.

We give students time. Time to adjust, time to reflect, time to talk.  Sometimes all it takes to really help is to be available and listen and that is something that defines this school.