We are happy to introduce our new member of the school community – Mabel, who will be a visiting dog for the school.  

Mabel will be coming in to school for short periods of time on a weekly basis.  Her vet has confirmed that she is in good health, is fully vaccinated, has a lovely nature and is an ideal visiting dog for the school.  

Studies have shown that the presence of companion animals can improve the well-being of children and lower anxiety levels, simply by making the environment happier and more enjoyable. 

Other benefits include: 

Mabel will always be on a lead and any parent who does not wish their child to interact with the dog, is invited to contact the school.   

A full risk assessment has been completed and is available for viewing on request. 

Mabel’s Weekly Updates (03/04/2020)

Hello everyone,

This is Mabel’s update from our second week.

She is still missing seeing you all and is looking forward to the time she can come back into school.

This week she has become more familiar with the new routine and she is doing well.  She knows now that she has one walk a day and she enjoys this.  She is having plenty of play time in the house and plenty of naps. Her snores are as loud as ever!

This week we were able to go into the woodland nearby on one of our walks outside.   Mabel loves the woods and so with her tail wagging she set about finding feathers, leaves and twigs. The picture was taken when she had just found a feather.

The woodland changes with the season and the patch of wild garlic in one of the corners is just starting to grow which lets us know we are in Spring.  As we go through April, the smell of wild garlic will get stronger.  The birds are starting to get noisier and we noticed a couple with tiny twigs in their beak, off to make a nest.

Until her update next week, stay safe, keep learning and keep washing your hands!


Mabel’s Weekly Updates (27/03/2020)

Hello everyone, welcome to Mabel’s first weekly update.

She has missed coming in and seeing you all this week.  As you know she is a friendly dog who likes making friends and being sociable, so the new rule of only going out for a walk once a day and staying a good distance from people is very strange for her!

However, she is also very adaptable. She is getting used to a new routine now and taking it all in her stride. She is still able to go out in our garden and play with her ball. As you can see from the photo she still is enjoying catching any leaves that move on the ground.  All in all she is doing well and her tail is still very waggly!

Stay safe and well everyone and keep washing your hands.