Safeguarding our students is an over-riding priority for us.

Staff access regular training and safeguarding briefings. We also work with external training providers such as Papyrus, Lancashire Emotional Health Service in School, Educational Psychologists, CAMHS, Harm-Ed and The Amy Winehouse Foundation.

This year we introduced a new mobile phone policy banning the use of phones at any time on the school site. We understand that mobile phones and technology are now a key part of modern life. Most students own a mobile phone with access to the internet and for safety reasons many students will carry a mobile phone to contact home after or before school. However, mobile phones can and often do lead to several problems in school such as online bullying, filming, disruption to lessons and inappropriate usage of the internet and social media leading to potential safeguarding issues. Students and families have responded positively to the new policy and staff have noticed that it has taken pressure off students reducing technology led incidents and further improving our safeguarding measures.

Mckee Mobile Phone Policy

Letter Home to Parents

All our students are allocated a keyworker and access regular key-working sessions. These sessions allow students to work on personal development and self-esteem as well as providing an important safe space to discuss and raise any concerns or worries they may have.

Personal relationships and knowing our students well as individuals is at the heart of our safeguarding and everything we do.