Key Stage 3: Art.

Throughout the Programme of Study students will use a range of techniques and media including painting, drawing, printmaking and clay work. They will analyse their own work and the work of others.


McKee College House aims to ensure that all pupils:

Key Stage 4: AQA GCSE Art & Design

Art and Design is a broad course that explores practical and contextual work through a range of 2D and 3D processes, and new media technologies. The course gives students a wide range of creative and stimulating opportunities to explore their interests in Art and Design.

GCSE Art Full and Short course is a general course where the candidates are expected to work with a variety of materials and processes associated with drawing, painting, printmaking, photography and ceramics for each of the projects/briefs. These projects are; Interiors and Hundertwasser (colour, pattern and texture). For each project, the student is expected to demonstrate an ability to sustain work from initial starting points to the finished piece(s) as well as to show how their ideas are developed and evidence of research of other artists work and show how it has influenced their work.