Student Council

What is the student council?

Here at McKee College House we believe that our students should have a platform for getting their ideas heard. The student council provides our students with a voice to air their ideas and concerns in a proactive and thoughtful way.

During our meetings students are given the opportunity to discuss a range of issues regarding everyday school life. These range from thoughts on lessons and timetables to facilities available to them. Previous meetings have seen discussions about assemblies, food choices and things to do at break and lunch.

The student council is a way that our students know that they are valued and listened to and that their suggestions are considered and if possible implemented.

In addition, we discuss ways in which we can work on charity fundraisers. This year we are raising money for comic relief.

How often do we meet?

Regular meetings are held half-termly during SMSC. Each form nominates a representative who feeds back their ideas at the meeting. A chairperson, vice chair and secretary are also nominated. The minutes are then sent to SLT for consideration and action points allocated to certain students, where applicable.

Our Council Members

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Date Minutes
22nd January 2019
12th February 2019