Attendance / Absence

Regular and punctual attendance is essential if pupils are to receive the maximum benefit from educational opportunities.

We aim to develop positive relationships between home and school to support good attendance.


If your child is not going to attend school on a given day;

You can ring 01253 893102 and select option 1 to go through to our attendance line. Alternatively you can email

If we do not receive prior information relating to absence we will begin our absence procedures.

Please read our Attendance Policy for more details.Attendance and Punctuality Policy


If a student arrives at school after the close of registers at 9am they must report to the school office and be issued a late slip before going to class.

They will then be recorded on the register as late.

If the student arrives after 9:15am they will be recorded as very late and will not receive an attendance mark for this session, it will be recorded as an absence. It is therefore vital that students arrive to school on time each day.

Absence for Family Holidays or Special Occasions

The Government has amended key legislation relating specifically to the authorisation of leave in term time, which comes into force on 1st September 2013.

To read more about the changes, please Click here..