Feedback from Parents and Students

Sarah – 07/2021

“My son Jamie joined the MPP towards the end of his last school year, almost immediately the change in his attitude towards his future and education changed, he wanted to be at school, he wanted to learn and soon had a glowing report , I can’t thank the MPP staff and the course enough for the very positive change it had on Jamie, I highly recommend this course for any student looking for positive changes in their outlook to life and the future. Thankyou MPP for all your guidance and help.”

Dave – 07/2021

“I just Wanted to pass on my sincere thanks to all the staff at Mckee MPP. My son Dane was struggling in main stream education. Dane joined the MPP at the end of year 10, since Danes time at Mckee I have seen him grow in confidence and maturity, this is largely due to the way the programme is run. If I was to be totally honest I didn’t have high expectations when my son joined the programme but to my surprise the staff and the programme far exceeded anything I could have hoped for. My son is hoping going to join HM armed forces later in the year, I genuinely feel that Brian, Ian and their approach have played a big part in Danes progress and preparing him for the next stage in his life. I’d like to thank you all from Dane and myself for all the support and hard work you have done.”