Mobile Phones

At McKee College we understand many young people have mobile phones and that they have quite strong attachments to them, to the point where they find it hard to resist using them.

However school is not the appropriate setting to be using a phone for many reasons;

It is our preference that students do not bring phones to school but we accept that such a position would be unacceptable to parents, students and staff who must also operate under these rules.

We routinely discuss our mobile phone policy with students, to ensure they understand exactly what is and what is not acceptable in our setting.

  1. Students can have a phone on them but it must be powered off and not on display.
  2. Students in possession of a powered phone or display their phone will be given warnings to work within the rules followed by actions if they fail to do so.
  3. Students using phones in school will be subject to actions as no warning should be necessary over the actual use of a phone.

We can safely store for students and this option is open to all students who can deposit their phone with the office and collect it at the end of the day.  Students who have their phone confiscated or are on a phone ban must present their phones to the office or face stiffer sanctions up to and including internal exclusion and suspension.

Thank you for your continued support