Visitors to McKee College House comment on the smartness of our students and we feel that a uniform contributes to the feeling of belonging at McKee. It is a very simple uniform that everyone can wear.

Uniform is discussed at the Admissions meeting, and any questions can be asked then.

If your child comes to school either not in uniform or inappropriately dressed we may send them home at cost and inconvenience to you.

Uniform at the McKee College House is compulsory and must be worn correctly by all students at all times. The following information shows the appropriate uniform expected at the McKee College House.

McKee Uniform
  • Black V neck/round neck jumper or black cardigan
  • White shirt or white polo shirt – long or short sleeved
  • Full length black ‘school style’ trousers
  • Black Skirt
  • Full length black ‘school style’ trousers
  • Trainers can be worn in place of shoes
Additional Information

  • The length of the skirt should respect normal standards of modesty bearing in mind the practical nature of work in a mixed school.
  • Black opaque/thick tights may be worn with the skirt.
  • Discrete make-up which it deemed to be reasonable and acceptable is permissible
  • A specific PE kit is not necessary however some students may choose to bring in a change of clothes on their timetabled PE day.