Year 11 Extended School offer

This has been an unusual year for Year 11 students to say the least.  We have completed the exam phase of our courses but as we all know these exams are based on a limited subject knowledge.  If you are continuing with your studies into 6th form or college it is important that you are prepared for the next level of study.

By accessing these lessons you can plug the gaps in your learning and ensure that you are fully prepared for your next course of study.

I would recommend that all students take the time to look at these resources.

Additional Teaching Lessons

These are available through Oak National Academy by following this link;

National Careers Service

Follow this link to explore some great resources which could help you in becoming ready for the workplace

Local Colleges and Apprenticeship Providers

Follow this link to our website to be fully informed of what is on offer in your area. please contact Darryl Price with any questions on college applications.

Year 11 College/ Apprenticeship Information

Key Workers

We will be making key workers available to students for the remainder of the year.  Your school email will remain active which will allow you to make contact with key workers in schools.  Key Workers will not give their personal email or phone numbers and students are asked to do likewise as Key Workers will only communicate using your school email address.

McKee College will always be here for our students, regardless of when you left.  We are always interested in knowing what you are up to or how we can help you out.

Good luck for the future.