Physical Education

Curriculum Intent 

Through being responsible for the delivery of Physical Education, at the McKee, I believe the most important aim is to establish a health habit in all of our students, to be continued through adulthood. This is important as Physical Education, in school, is the foundation for promoting active lifestyles, sport and recreation and provides a key stepping stone into community sport and lifelong activity. If achieved, it would provide a range of physical, social and psychological health benefits for our students, whilst helping to develop the whole student and prepare them for the future. To do this we have to support a significant proportion of our students to actively engage and enjoy PE, even if they have previous negative connotations, with regards to this subject. 

Curriculum Map 

Term  Key Stage 3  Key stage 4 
HT 1  Health and Fitness   Components of Fitness / Psychology (yr11) 
HT 2  Football  Methods of Training / Practical Sports Performance 
HT 3  Table Tennis  Methods of Training & Testing / Practical Sports Performance 
HT 4  Badminton  Complete online examination / Practical Sports Performance 
HT 5  Football  Applying the Principles of Personal 


HT 6  Softball  Applying the Principles of Personal 


Curriculum Justification 

The main emphasis of the key stage 3 physical education curriculum of the Mckee, is to provide opportunities for pupils to become physically confident in a way which supports their health and fitness. Opportunities to compete in sport and other activities build character and help to embed values such as fairness and respect. 

The programme delivered at the Mckee is designed to support the National Curriculum aims, to ensure that all pupils:  

  1. a) Develop competence to excel in a broad range of physical activities.
  2. b) Are physically active for sustained periods of time
  3. c) Engage in competitive sports and activities
  4. d) lead healthy, active lives.

The key stage 4 students are taught in both year 10 and 11 classes. We ceased to deliver GCSE PE, when the 2016 specification was introduced, in part, due to the decision being made that the content did not support the needs of our cohort in the same manner of the previous specification. Many of our students excelled in the practical aspect of the course, when being assessed in the alternative roles, such as leaders and officials, which was withdrawn.  

For the last two academic years, we have delivered the BTEC Level 1 / 2 First Award in Sport. This has been very successful. The key attributes of this have been the ability to transfer units from previous schools, which has been very supportive, in relation to the short-term nature of our school. The grades achieved in the most recent cohort has validated the suitability of this qualification; with over 83 % of students attaining a grade equivalent to a level 4 or above. In addition to this, the BTEC First qualification is very supportive of the school / club links which are now embedded in the curriculum. This has recently allowed our students to access level 3 sports qualifications through Fleetwood Town Football Club. In respect to the qualification, it is 120 GLH and is the same size and level as a GCSE.  

Curriculum Development 

The established course of study is reviewed annually, to establish whether it is suits the needs of the current cohort. Additionally, any student who joins the school in year 11 and whom has been taking GCSE PE will have the support needed to help them complete their designated course of study. 

Over the last two years I fortunate in sourcing funds to set up a state-of-the-art school gymnasium. This has been very popular with the students, whom are keen to use the facilities for extra-curricular boxing and health and fitness sessions. I have also been able to offer alternative activities, that many of our cohort would not ordinarily have the opportunity to partake in; such as wakeboarding, skiing and climbing. This is very beneficial in developing the inclusive approach that is embedded in the philosophy of the school. I hope to try to further develop the school’s onsite provision of PE and to continue to offer unique experiences to our students.