GCSE Exams

GCSE Exams

Dear Parents and Students,

Our exams start on 16 May 22.  Real exams in a real exam room! no teacher assessments this year.

Our students have had mock exams so will be used to the exam room and its rules however it is always worthwhile to make sure everyone is comfortable with the expectations and thus avoid disappointment.

I have attached a letter for your information and you can also visit the Exams page on the school website which has lots of information on the exam dates and revision materials.

Important takeaways

  • Always arrive early for your exams as being late can be an issue.
  • You must be in your school uniform, no hoodies, trackies etc.
  • You cannot have any personal belongings in the exam with you; coats, phones, watches, earpods etc. They must all be handed over at the entrance.
  • You can have a drink but it has to be water in a clear bottle with no labels, we wont be supplying you with drinks so bring your own.
  • Exams are silent….that means you can’t talk

Examination letter 2022

Good luck to you all.



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