Eco Heroes

Eco Heroes is a new initiative within the school led by our specialist mentor.


Eco Heroes

Meeting minutes



Lucy Benson, Tyler Williams, Hannah Cotton,Suzy Lewis, Aimee Kane, Stephanie Bedford

Absent – Nil


1. Introduction

2. Working breakfast.

3. Introduce job roles.

4. Select jobs roles and second them.

5. Talk about sample products

6. Comments/opinions.

7. Next meeting date

8. Agenda for next meeting.

Item 1

Meeting was opened by everyone being introduced; everyone agreed they wanted to make a difference to how we did things at the McKee.

Item 3 – Agree Roles

Job roles for the committee were discussed fully and all volunteered to take on different job roles them were seconded in to position these job roles would stand for the next couple of meetings them re select.

Item 4 – Assign Roles

Chairperson: Suzy Lewis

Coordinates the group, makes sure everyone has an opportunity to speak and is listened to.

Secretary: Hannah Cotton

Takes the minutes of the meeting, ensure these are signed off by the Chairperson before distributing to the committee, Headteacher, Deputy Headteacher and the notice board.

Product manager: Stephanie Bedford

Researches products to be trialled / used.

Finance Manager: Tyler Williams

Looks at ways to finance ideas keep an eye on the money required/spent.

Operations Manager: Aimee Kane

Implements idea’s around the school.

Promotions Manager: Lucy Benson

Ensures school knows what we are doing by displays and the web page articles.

Item 6

Lucy asked if we could do something about the use of plastic throw away cups, would it be possible to have paper cups or perhaps solid plastic re-usable cups instead as this would cut down our wastage. We looked at some sample cups that could possibly be used; the committee were unanimous in this discussion.

Take to SLT.

Suzy brought up the issue of toast wastage at break how students only ate a bit then threw the rest how the seagulls were coming around more at breaks. Only a few students were doing this however seagulls are an issue.

Can staff persuade students not to throw toast for the seagulls?

Steph can we do more recycling around school, committee looked at some recycle bags for paper and plastic, decided to put the blue paper recycle bags in the reprographics room and main office, the yellow recycle plastic bags in the dining room and staff room. These can be checked and emptied by the committee members. Lucy thought it would be good idea to put a paper recycle in Tom’s room as it seems to need it!

Take to SLT.

Aimee Concerned about the amount of litter on the yard and surrounding area’s after discussion the committee were in favour of doing a litter pick with hand tools this they wanted to take turns but not do it at break times only when the yard was empty.

Take to SLT.

Lucy Concerned about using plastic throw away cutlery we discussed why we couldn’t have metal utensils, perhaps we could use bamboo samples were reviewed and in the next meeting finance manager will get prices.

Take to SLT.

Suzy Discussed the fact students don’t like putting their rubbish in the bins as they don’t like opening them. Product manager will research alternatives in the next meeting. Finance manager to look at prices.

Lucy brought up about sandwiches and cakes being wrapped in cling film could we not just put them in the paper bags as this is a waste and not environmentally friendly.


All of the committee were happy with what they had achieved in the roundabout garden and thought that the students and staff appreciated the effort they had put in and it did look really nice.

Designs drafted for the side element of the garden this can then be started when the weather improves in the spring. If the weather dries up the committee will be able to clear the area in preparation. The Committee would like to grow as much vegetables as possible to sell as a way to raise funds for more plants.

Lucy would like to see more posters up around school highlighting what the plastic is doing to our wildlife and the seas. Committee would like a display board putting up in the stables; TM has sourced one which is available and spoken to Gary.

Suzy Brought up about how much electricity the schools wastes with lights how lights are left on in empty rooms, how the last person leaving a room should switch them off.

All committee took five minutes to fill in a self-evaluation to how they felt the first meeting went.


Agenda for next meeting: Monday 16th December 2019 9:50am

1. Invite SLT to attend

2. Discuss feedback from Take to SLT points from last meeting.

3. Working breakfast.

4. Finance manager to discuss what budget we have available.

5. Product manager to research bins available and lunch containers.

6. Promotions manager/ operations manager to do posters for notice board.

7. Secretary to type up minutes.

8. Chairperson to assist all managers.

Meeting closed at 10:45.