New year resolutions!

New year resolutions!

Welcome back to all students after a long and hopefully a restful holiday.

We started the year with our Pupil Progress Event which was very well attended by parents. Initial feedback has been very positive and it is heartening to hear all the positive comments you have to say about the school, the staff and the changes in your own children. Long may it continue.

If I could take this moment to remind parents that you are all welcome to attend and be part of the Parent Forum meetings. If you would like to know more about these meetings, their function and how you can be a part of it please do not hesitate to contact the school and speak with Anne Kyle, Deputy Headteacher.

It was an unusually long first term and this 2nd term is unusually short! The first half term is only 5 weeks long and the second half 6 weeks. It will seem like we have only got going when there will be a week off, followed by a long Easter break 6 weeks later.

Its crucial that our Year 11 and some Year 10 students who are undertaking their GCSE examinations this year use this time wisely and productively to plan for their exams. As I only recently said to pupils at assembly it is only 64 school days until the first GCSE examination!

We will of course be helping students in understanding how to plan a revision programme and provide them with lots of resources including additional learning opportunities to make sure we have done everything we can to prepare them.

Im hoping that all students have made it their new year resolution to attend school everyday, to try their best and to believe in themselves that they all have the potential to succeed.

Together we will achieve great things.

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